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Personal TRaining

Personal training is exercise led by professionals, with a focus on the individual needs and wishes of the client. With a personal trainer you can achieve your goals safely, efficiently and as quickly as possible. Your training is adapted to your health needs, so you can achieve the fastest results. We keep you engaged every session by utilising many different Purchase single or multiple sessions and begin a personalised workout plan today.

group weight training

You may feel butterflies before walking into a group weight class for the first time, but here’s the good news: The hardest part is just showing up, because once you get there you’ll meet a community of people rooting for you to succeed. Not only are group exercise classes fun, but they can help set the foundation for your fitness journey nd can be a great place to start!


Our students have fun and learn proven techniques in a supportive, team-oriented environment. A professional, clean and organised Academy registered with global federations. Our mission is to offer a fun, welcoming and supportive environment were leverage-based Jiu-Jitsu can be learned and practiced for a lifetime. Our team competes regularly in international competitions.

kids bullyproof Program

Every child is unique with special gifts to share and challenges to master, we’ve seen Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu help them find their inner strength, peace, and focus. We have witnessed ultra-shy bullied kids burst out of their shell with tremendous self-assurance and confidence.

We teach children to use verbal assertiveness to deter bullies and several non-violent self-defence techniques to stay safe if physically assaulted.
If you’re interested in instilling your child with unshakable confidence while reinforcing positive values and good character, then our Bullyproof program is for you. We also run a competitive program and the children’s competition team compete internationally.

MOther and baby

Welcome to Mom & Baby– the best way to get back in shape after your new arrival. Getting in shape after baby has arrived forces you to face your biggest challenges. Whatever your postnatal stage we have a programme that will suit your needs, instructed by experts in the field of postnatal exercise.

From initial recuperation, through those tough times of getting back into your jeans and onto those new levels of fitness and stamina – and all of this with baby in tow!

We will ensure you get the best results while having loads of fun. So what are you waiting for….come and join us!!

online training

Train with us online at a time that suits you, direct from your home, vacation or workplace.

Now you´ll never miss a session!

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